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Sydney’s Child was born in the summer of 1989 in the dining room of Joanna Love, one of Copeland Publishing’s two owners. Joanna and her business partner Gillian Hund worked tirelessly to create a unique and dynamic publication with an initial circulation of just 20,000 copies.

For the first time, Australian parents and carers, grandparents and teachers were able to pick up a parenting publication with quality, unbiased, thought-provoking editorial and reliable, local, parenting information.

Since those early days, Sydney’s Child has gone from strength to strength, gaining a reputation for uncompromising and entertaining content. This has been reflected by the publication’s many successes in local and international award programs. These include being named a Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association Newspaper of the Year, winning the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW Media Award three times, and twice being shortlisted for the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Print Award. Sydney’s Child has also won scores of medals at the Editorial and Design Awards run by the Parenting Media Association, an organisation representing more than 120 parenting magazines and newspapers in the USA, Canada and Australia.

The success of Sydney’s Child led to Copeland Publishing’s expansion into other cities. Melbourne’s Child was born in 1993 (and it, too, has since been named a Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association Newspaper of the Year), followed by Adelaide’s Child in 2001, Brisbane’s Child in 2002, Canberra’s Child in 2003 and Perth’s Child in 2005. The 20,000 copies of one magazine have now become closer to half a million copies of six magazines.

Web Child is an online resource that enables us to expand our long-standing engagement with the parenting community, offering you a selection of stories, views and information that respond to your cares and concerns.