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Adelaide's Child


Letters to the Editor

If you would like to submit a letter to the editor about something you have read in our magazine, or about an issue that concerns you or that is of interest to you, please do so by emailing the editor at editorial@adelaideschild.com.au.


If you would like to submit a story for consideration for publication in our magazine, please email the editor at editorial@adelaideschild.com.au.

Our submission guidelines are as follows.

We are looking for writing that will provoke, entertain and enlighten our readership of parents and others involved in the care of children aged 0-16. When we review articles for publication, we ask ourselves three questions: Is this compelling? Does this reflect the experience of modern parenting? Does this offer something unique?

We publish personal pieces on the experience of parenting (Your Stories), and researched pieces that cast new light on a topic, provoke thought and inspire parents and other carers to further investigate an issue (Feature Stories). We are not interested in material that tells parents what to do or how to do it. We prefer not to include 'top tips' or 'how to' boxes.

We prefer submissions by email in Microsoft Word, without design elements. Story length ranges from 600 words to 1500 words, and payment is negotiated on acceptance. Please be patient: a response time of eight to 12 weeks is usual. With your submission, please include references for any claims made in your article and contact details for people quoted in it (please ensure that references can be attributed to real people).

Please familiarise yourself with our magazine before submitting an article. It is distributed through family-friendly businesses, day-care centres, schools, medical centres and so on. We do not publish unsolicited book/movie/game reviews, poetry or fiction; please do not submit works in these genres. Nor do we publish articles about a particular event, person, product or service. There are opportunities for promotion of events, products and services through our calendars, resource guides and advertising.

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