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Children's Report 2013While Australian children prefer watching content made specifically for them, local children's programs have become increasingly difficult to finance, according to a new report by Screen Australia, the Federal Government's support agency for Australian film, television, documentary and digital-media makers.

The report, Child's Play: Issues in Australian Children's Television 2013, says producing Australian children's content has become more expensive due to a narrower audience and a limited ability to generate advertising revenue because of restrictions on advertising during programs for children.

However, the report also shows children have a clear preference for programs tailored to their age group, value Australian content, and are more highly engaged by drama programs than other genres.

"This research clearly demonstrates there's an appetite for quality children's television content," says Screen Australia CEO Ruth Harley. "Programs made specifically for children are different from material produced for a family audience because they deal with stories and issues of interest to kids in appropriate ways. The delivery of quality children's programming is essential to the cultural well-being of young Australians."

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