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A series of articles and resources that address the needs of  children who are outside the medical and educational mainstreams.

What is D3?

D3 - Diversity, Difference & Diagnosis.

Every issue of the ‘Child' magazines has an exciting focus that we are calling D3. It came in response to overwhelming reader demand for information relating to children who find themselves outside the medical and educational mainstreams. And this encompasses quite a continuum of special needs, from giftedness, through physical and intellectual disability to behavioural disorders.

In Australia, about 18 per cent of children have a significant social and emotional problem needing professional help; a conservative 10 per cent of children struggle with learning difficulties; and a further five to eight per cent experience one of the forms of attention deficit disorder. Between five and 10 per cent of children are "gifted", depending on what definition of giftedness one subscribes to. This adds up to a lot of parents facing issues that many of us have probably never even considered.

When we decided to focus on children whose needs place them outside the norm, we immediately encountered a problem: what to call the issue? We wanted a term that would adequately represent such a wide, exceptional range. We all agreed that conventional terminology seemed to concentrate on highlighting the "special" side of things - special needs, special education, special disability - rather than reflecting the diversity of children with different needs, and the diagnostic challenges faced by their parents, teachers and doctors.

And there it was, staring us in the face - D3: diversity, difference and diagnosis. This is the framework in which we publish stories of inspiration, desperation and perspiration as monthly D3 columns - and also in our annual October D3 edition.


D3 - Diversity, Difference & Diagnosis.

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