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Dandelion_Book_CoverTitle: Dandelion
Author: Galvin Scott Davis
Illustrator: Anthony Ishinjerro
Publisher: Random House Australia
Number of pages: 48 pages
ISBN: 9780857981028
RRP: $19.95 (hardback)
Suitable For: Preschoolers, early-primary-school children, children who have been/are being bullied.
Available: Now

Dandelion tells the confronting story of Benjamin Brewster who is a victim of bullying. The imaginative text is put together meticulously by Galvin Scott Davies, and clearly speaks to the emotions of the reader by capturing both the bully and victim in a real way. Written to help his own son deal with his bullies, this whimsical and courageous story brings to light just how powerful your imagination can be.

The illustrations mirror the heart of Benjamin, portraying his sadness with darkness and his hope with brightness to ingeniously tell the story of both despair and optimism. Interestingly, Benjamin has no face depicted, and while this could be for many reasons, I believe the purpose is to allow readers to place themselves in Benjamin's position. The faceless Benjamin tells his story with his posture, not with his face. The illustrations draw out the emotions deep within Benjamin in a way words never could.

Dandelion is a must have for classrooms, preschools, libraries and homes. It not only encourages those who are being bullied by providing hope, but could also be a useful educational tool for bullies because the story explains how they make their victims feel.

Alicia Thiang has been a young people's librarian for the past seven years and is a mum of two bookworms.

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